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On my last tour of Turkey I had the opportunity to try some varieties of Turkish coffee including what I will tell you about later in the article. There are many great things about Turkish cuisine but the coffee has a great historical significance. Did you know that the Ottoman Turks controlled the flow of coffee into Europe for several hundred years and the concept of getting a good cup of Arabica Coffee was impossible during the siege of Vienna in the fifteen hundreds. Suleiman the Magnificent at the strongest point of Ottoman military history took over 150 thousand soldiers into the heart of Hungarian controlled territories and advanced all the way to Vienna in Austria. During the siege of Vienna the residence who had already grown accustomed to their morning coffee, even without the invention of the corner Starbucks were distraught. When in the sixteen hundreds the Ottoman forces tried again to take the city the Viennese bakers created a celebratory pastry calling it a croissant (crescent). One could have their coffee again and eat the symbol of the Ottoman invaders at the same time, so legend says.

In any case Turkish coffee is a fun cultural drink to have while traveling in Turkey and one might be surprised to find that there are several variations of this drink. One will most likely not be surprised that the Greeks, Turks, Armenians and Arab countries all argue over whose coffee it really is. In Turkey one of the fun variations they have, and one of my favorite types of coffee, is the Dibek variety of Turkish Coffee.

Dibek coffee mixes the Terebinth berry with coffee and is ground in a large stone grinding mill. This mixture gives the coffee a milkier taste and when prepared properly is very enjoyable. One can not find Dibek coffee everywhere but a little research found that there’s even a Terebinth Coffee house in Florida. Anyway, just thought you might enjoy reading a bit of history along with some travel information on coffee for those looking to better enjoy a trip to Turkey. One would never want to take too big of a gulp of Turkish coffee as the sipping process allows the coffee grounds to settle to the bottom of the cup. Expect a somewhat coarse feel on your teeth as you drink because the grounds are fine and float easily in the hot water. If properly made Turkish coffee should have a delicious foam on the top.

Although Turkish tea is most often used, Turkish coffee will often play a vital role in the mating and marriage rituals of a young Turk. The female will prepare coffee and if it is properly done will convey her acceptance or refusal of an offer of marriage through her beverage preparation. This phenomenon can be seen in the film “The Water Diviner” with Russel Crowe.

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